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Entrepreneurs at ESADE

eugenia25 Entrepreneurs at ESADEIt’s been nearly two years since Andrea Lisbona came to see me. She had been a student of mine, one year earlier, in the Entrepreneurship subject. At age 25, she wanted to start her own company. She told me about her plans: She wanted to install hand sanitizer dispensers in public places. She talked about the value proposition, the business opportunity, the risk, and the importance of finding the first customers. Her eyes were sparkling, as do the eyes of all entrepreneurs who have decided to put their plans into action. She founded Touchland, and she managed to sell her products to ESADE’s Director of General Services. The company later took up residence at Creapolis. Nowadays, when she talks about her experiences, she transmits energy and enthusiasm. I mention Andrea because one of ESADE’s functions is to foster the entrepreneurial spirit in our students, and an example is worth a thousand words. Andrea’s recent interview in Avui is fantastic. Don’t miss it!

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