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A new initiative for entrepreneurs

cems small A new initiative for entrepreneursBecoming an entrepreneur is a difficult challenge, but if one has the perseverance to overcome the obstacles ahead, the results are definitely worthwhile. The Global Alliance in Management Education-CEMS has recently launched CEMS Entrepreneurs, a new initiative to support those who have initiated the journey to becoming an entrepreneur and promote entrepreneurship around the world.

Two out of the three founding members of this initiative are ESADE CEMS alumni, Ivo Vasilev, co-founder of Bulk Labs, and Ariadna Masó, analyst at BBVA. Out of the 40 entrepreneurs currently taking part in this initiative, up to a dozen are also former ESADE students who have decided to make entrepreneurship their career path. Among them are several social entrepreneurs who have launched new start-ups in pro of sustainability, and others who have found market niches in new technologies, finances, digital marketing and youth entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is rooted in our DNA at ESADE, and it’s one of our major pillars both in the classroom and outside of it through the launch of initiatives like ESADE’s EGarage. It is a great honour for us to see our alumni and alumnae become entrepreneurs. We wish them the best of luck in pursuing their dreams.

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Leadership values through the classics

puges web 300x200 Leadership values through the classicsModern leaders can learn great lessons from the Latin and Greek classics. But, how can their teachings influence our daily professional lives? Last week we held a very meaningful event at ESADE that provided answers to this question, and beyond. It was the presentation of The Odyssey of Management, a book written by our Honorary Professor, Lluís Pugès, who was for many years Dean and Director General of ESADE. Professor Pugès’ contribution to ESADE was invaluable, and marked a turning point in the history of the institution. His role in teaching students the importance of humanistic management was crucial, and so were his visionary thoughts on education, which led him to become one of the driving forces behind ESADE’s efforts to promote international education. He was also a visionary in that he was one of the founders of The Global Alliance in Management Education (CEMS).

The title of his new book, The Odyssey of Management, was inspired by Ulysses’ long trip home after the Trojan War. Ulysses, like many people today, had to face lots of difficult situations before succeeding in his mission. Through memorable quotes and experiences from the classics, Professor Pugès’ new book outlines the qualities a good leader must have and should never forget, especially when times get tough. Knowing yourself, listening to others, being perseverant, being aware of your own limits, finding internal peace, learning from failure, appreciating what you have and being faithful to yourself are some of the traits outlined in the book that ancient scholars considered to be key virtues for a more fulfilling life. Professor Pugès promoted these virtues within ESADE for many decades, and we will continue to do our best to promote them for many years to come. Values and ethics should always be an integral part of leadership. The classics are, and will surely continue to be, an unconditional fount of wisdom.

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A noteworthy example of thesis work

award url 300x204 A noteworthy example of thesis workWriting an original thesis is always hard work, as it marks the culmination of thousands of hours of training and research. Writing it in a way that really stands out from the rest and becomes a significant contribution in the field is an even harder task. One of our students from the PhD in Management Sciences Programme, Ricardo Malagueño (pictured second from right), has been among the five awardees to receive Ramon Llull University’s Extraordinary Doctorate Award. The prize is given every year to students who have excelled in their thesis and demonstrated their ability to conduct independent, original and significant research.

Ricardo’s thesis examines how top management’s use of accounting practices contributes to improving organisational performance in organisations. His research suggests that companies facing high levels of environmental dynamism will fail to profit from the use of accounting tools. It also demonstrates how different management styles in accounting can bring higher levels of creativity and innovation. Ricardo’s findings make for a significant contribution to the field of management sciences.

These types of awards are necessary, and show Ramon Llull University’s commitment to research excellence. Research should always be a priority in higher education, regardless of the economic environment. Investing in research is crucial, not only to contribute to a country’s economic growth, but also to staying competitive and tackling the ‘big questions’ to improve the future of society. We wish Ricardo all the best in his future research endeavours and hope that his contribution will be one of many more to come.

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