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The meaningfulness of self-knowledge

filella web 142x150 The meaningfulness of self knowledgeWho am I? How do I express myself? How do I communicate? Being able to answer these three questions with confidence is at the core of a meaningful life. This reflection comes from a book we recently presented at ESADE, which collects the thoughts of and pays tribute to Jaume Filella, former Director General of ESADE from 1986-1992.

Jaume Filella is what I call a visionary; as the book title suggests, a thinker who makes you think. Anyone interested in self-knowledge and understanding the complexity of human beings should read this book. It teaches valuable life lessons.

The central theme of the book is the exploration of the three levels of consciousness that we, as human beings, should master if we are to live life – rather than life living us. Read the rest of this entry »

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Leaders for Justice

law1 150x150 Leaders for JusticeLawyers have the potential capacity to reduce injustice. And that’s something that today’s world really needs. 2013 is a very meaningful year for ESADE, because our Law School is celebrating its twentieth anniversary. I’ll never forget the first graduating class of 96 students back in 1994. They were hopeful of changing the future. I’m sure many of them have achieved their dreams by now and are doing great things for society.

The creation of the Law School in 1993 marked a turning point for ESADE because it expanded our academic horizons. Twenty years after its foundation, the School has grown at a steady pace and our programmes have consistently made it into the top rankings. 80% of our Bachelor of Law students find work before finishing the programme and 90% of them find their first jobs thanks to our career services. Forging this path was not easy; it is the result of hard work, commitment and perseverance.

Over the years, we have also overcome several major challenges, such as adapting our portfolio to the demands of globalisation and complying with Bologna’s new requirements. We became one of Spain’s pioneering institutions to adapt our undergraduate and postgraduate law programmes to the new European standards. These were crucial times for the School. Another vital moment was when we expanded our academic network and exchange programmes throughout Europe, USA, Canada, Latin America and Asia, to offer our students a truly international experience and prepare them as international-calibre lawyers. We also became the first and only Spanish Law School to be a member of the Center for Transnational Legal Studies (CTLS), one of the most innovative initiatives in the legal field linked to globalisation. The School is also the only institution in Spain to offer the Joint Certificate in International and Business Law (Themis Programme), a pioneering programme that provides an international perspective on business law.

The Law School’s first Dean, Antonio Marzal Fuentes, once said that one of the major challenges we faced as an institution lay in finding the right path to enable us to provide answers to society’s demands. His reflection has accompanied the Law School throughout these last twenty years, and I’m sure it will continue to do so for many years to come.

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Big win for our MBA students

case 300x225 Big win for our MBA studentsTime, pressure and even stress, if handled well, can lead to great results, as demonstrated this week by four ESADE MBA students at the University of Vermont (USA), where they won the 1st Global Family Enterprise Case Competition. Joan Rigol, Banele Levin, Gloriann López, Filippo Checcucci and their coach, ESADE Professor Alberto Gimeno (pictured left), are an excellent example of teamwork.

Case competitions are a great challenge because they demand not only that participants think outside the box but that they do so as quickly and skilfully as possible. Joan, Banele, Gloriann and Filippo only had three hours to prepare each of the four cases and barely 20 minutes to present their results. Convincing the jury – a panel of renowned experts from the United States, Canada and Europe – was no easy task. The ESADE students were competing against 15 other teams of bright students from some of the best universities around the globe.

In their comments, the judges noted that the team’s innovative methodology – learnt in ESADE classrooms – was one of the main reasons for their victory. Congratulations to the MBA team for their achievement. We wish them many more to come.

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