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An innovative thinker

innovative An innovative thinkerThis is a special photo – it brings back many memories from the past. The person sitting next to me is Adolf Vilanova, who recently returned to ESADE for a special occasion: We wanted to see him again to thank him personally for his invaluable contribution to our institution over so many years.

Adolf Vilanova joined ESADE in the early seventies. He was a very generous and dedicated professor, and also a very innovative thinker. I’m sure his teachings inspired many of our students in the classroom during his more than 30 years at ESADE. Adolf set the basis of an innovative family business model, which has been taught in our classrooms since 1985, when he first introduced it to a group of 5th-year undergraduates. Read the rest of this entry »

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Cradle of entrepreneurs

egarage1 300x186 Cradle of entrepreneursGreat businesses like Apple, Hewlett-Packard and Google started out from a humble garage. We wanted to create something at ESADE that would resemble this space to encourage our students to become entrepreneurs; and so we founded EGarage a year ago.

This month, we’re celebrating its 1st anniversary with good news. The space is bursting with activity – we’ve organised over 250 sessions, workshops and classes throughout the year, which have been attended by more than 6,600 participants. We also invited many of our alumni who have become successful entrepreneurs, because we wanted them to show our students that everything is possible when you believe in yourself. Alumni entrepreneurs are a real source of inspiration for students who want to make entrepreneurship their career path. Read the rest of this entry »

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