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New MBA Programme facilities

To cope with the world’s challenges, future leaders must have technical, analytical and interpersonal skills, but also characteristics of leadership and responsibility.

These inspiring words were some of the key messages that former Belgian Prime Minister, Yves Leterme, recently conveyed to our students during the official inauguration of ESADE’s MBA facilities.

mba facilities1 300x201 New MBA Programme facilitiesThe new MBA classrooms on our Sant Cugat Campus are filled with life and diversity. The first graduating class to enjoy these facilities is highly multicultural – 92% of students are from over 50 countries around the world. Read the rest of this entry »

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Talent has no gender

I recently went on Silvia Coppulo’s radio programme to talk about women in leadership with psychologist Sara Berbel and headhunter Ignasi Rafel (first and second from the left in the photo). The topic of discussion was “What’s behind every businesswoman who has reached the top of the corporate ladder?” Food for thought.

women1 300x187 Talent has no genderWith this topic, like many others, you run the risk of oversimplification. Work experiences are different for everyone – no two are ever the same.

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A key Board for strategic guidance

IAB LARGE final1 A key Board for strategic guidanceMany factors and people have contributed to ESADE’s milestones: our Board of Trustees, our faculty, our donors, our students, our alumni, our researchers, our management team and our staff. The members of our International Advisory Board (pictured above) are at the very top of this list. Read the rest of this entry »

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Inside an MBA’s mind

One of our ESADE MBA students, James Doherty, has been putting his business school knowledge into practice blogging for the Financial Times for the last two months. He is one of the 27 MBAs from business schools around the globe, chosen by the FT to blog on their experience of studying for an MBA.

ft blog eb Inside an MBAs mindThe business students all have sharp writing skills, and seem very committed to this project. The FT MBA blog is bursting with activity, with a new story – sometimes even two – getting published practically every day.

Some of the topics these MBA bloggers choose to write about are quite disruptive and include reflections that might make readers question things. Read the rest of this entry »

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