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Education: a powerful tool for change

educacion niñas2 Education: a powerful tool for change

How many types of inequality would cease to exist if we could guarantee education for all children? Gender inequality is certainly one type.

Education means providing the tools and opportunities for growth in every sense of the word. Today, on International Women’s Day, let us remember that, according to UNESCO, two thirds of the world’s illiterate population, are women. As a consequence, these women have limited access to the job market. This reality is worth our reflection, if we consider that education can also be a powerful weapon against the poverty and violence suffered by many women all over the world.

I firmly believe that universal access to education for all girls is one of the most powerful ways to combat gender inequality in our society. Therefore, as Director General of ESADE, today I reaffirm our school’s commitment to providing opportunities to talented women regardless of their culture and origin. Diversity, in both gender and criteria, is always enriching.

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