A key Board for strategic guidance

IAB LARGE final1 A key Board for strategic guidanceMany factors and people have contributed to ESADE’s milestones: our Board of Trustees, our faculty, our donors, our students, our alumni, our researchers, our management team and our staff. The members of our International Advisory Board (pictured above) are at the very top of this list.

Last week, we met with them again at ESADE’s Sant Cugat campus to discuss strategic goals for the coming years. The IAB’s annual meetings are always crucial for us because they bring together bright minds with multidisciplinary approaches, which proves extremely useful for broadening perspectives and reaching strong conclusions for the future.

Our IAB members have made key contributions to ESADE’s roadmap for education. Their feedback and recommendations always bring a critical perspective and help us to move forward. We always do our best to include their recommendations in our strategy.

Being open-minded and welcoming fresh ideas are two attitudes that we try to embrace and carry with us at ESADE, because we believe that critical thinking is a very valuable skill that can make a big difference in business.

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