A noteworthy example of thesis work

award url 300x204 A noteworthy example of thesis workWriting an original thesis is always hard work, as it marks the culmination of thousands of hours of training and research. Writing it in a way that really stands out from the rest and becomes a significant contribution in the field is an even harder task. One of our students from the PhD in Management Sciences Programme, Ricardo Malagueño (pictured second from right), has been among the five awardees to receive Ramon Llull University’s Extraordinary Doctorate Award. The prize is given every year to students who have excelled in their thesis and demonstrated their ability to conduct independent, original and significant research.

Ricardo’s thesis examines how top management’s use of accounting practices contributes to improving organisational performance in organisations. His research suggests that companies facing high levels of environmental dynamism will fail to profit from the use of accounting tools. It also demonstrates how different management styles in accounting can bring higher levels of creativity and innovation. Ricardo’s findings make for a significant contribution to the field of management sciences.

These types of awards are necessary, and show Ramon Llull University’s commitment to research excellence. Research should always be a priority in higher education, regardless of the economic environment. Investing in research is crucial, not only to contribute to a country’s economic growth, but also to staying competitive and tackling the ‘big questions’ to improve the future of society. We wish Ricardo all the best in his future research endeavours and hope that his contribution will be one of many more to come.

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