Aprende y Emprende: supporting entrepreneurship without limits

aprende emprende1 Aprende y Emprende: supporting entrepreneurship without limitsEntrepreneurship knows no limits and no borders. Conceiving ideas and creating industry-changing, custom-shaping businesses is within anyone’s reach. At ESADE, we are dedicated to promoting this vision of the world. Our students learn to assume risks in order to develop new initiatives and meet existing needs.

I am therefore very proud that the ESADE Entrepreneurship Institute (EEI) recently teamed up with the Prevent Foundation, to create an academic project called Aula de Emprendedores: Aprende y Emprende. This unique programme provides rigorous training and mentoring to entrepreneurs with disabilities who want to create a company or accelerate a recently created business initiative.

ESADE Business School is committed to social integration and responsibility. For us, supporting entrepreneurs who bring about social change through business ideas is fundamental. Programmes like Aprende y Emprende show that ESADE is a place where words lead to action, where reality takes precedence over rhetorical flourishes.

Academic rigour and social dedication

Thanks to its perfect combination of rigorous training under ESADE faculty members plus the experience of renowned executives, Aprende y Emprende was named Best Initiative to Create Jobs for People with Disabilities in the second edition of Banco Popular’s Impulsa Programme. This is a sign of progress.

Pau Bach is the founder of Batec Mobility, a company that creates products to improve the mobility of people with disabilities. Pau is a wonderful example of an entrepreneur with a disability (tetraplegia) who has created solutions that eliminate obstacles and increase the autonomy of individuals with similar conditions. Batec Mobility is one of the companies involved in the Momentum Project, another great social entrepreneurship initiative supported by ESADE in collaboration with BBVA and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Aula de Emprendedores: Aprende y Emprende targets young people like Pau Bach and taps into the strength and persistence that has allowed them to overcome many difficulties in life. Through rigorous training, the programme empowers participants to make positive changes in society. ESADE’s participation in this initiative has been made possible by the ESADE Entrepreneurship Institute team, especially the hard-working Luisa Alemany, Director of the EEI; Jordi Vinaixa, Executive Director of the EEI; and Mercè Saura, Manager of the EEI and ESADE’s most enthusiastic supporter of entrepreneurship. Let’s keep up the good work.

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