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Education: a powerful tool for change

educacion niñas2 Education: a powerful tool for change

How many types of inequality would cease to exist if we could guarantee education for all children? Gender inequality is certainly one type.

Education means providing the tools and opportunities for growth in every sense of the word. Today, on International Women’s Day, let us remember that, according to UNESCO, two thirds of the world’s illiterate population, are women. As a consequence, these women have limited access to the job market. This reality is worth our reflection, if we consider that education can also be a powerful weapon against the poverty and violence suffered by many women all over the world.

I firmly believe that universal access to education for all girls is one of the most powerful ways to combat gender inequality in our society. Therefore, as Director General of ESADE, today I reaffirm our school’s commitment to providing opportunities to talented women regardless of their culture and origin. Diversity, in both gender and criteria, is always enriching.

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A year of collaboration in all its splendor

collaboration year1 1024x571 A year of collaboration in all its splendor For academic institutions like ESADE, December is not the end of the road, but a chance to rest and reflect, as pilgrims do during the long journey toward their destination. Quietly contemplating how far we’ve come and how far we have yet to travel provides a sense of distance and perspective. In this mental snapshot of what we’ve achieved during the 2016-2017 academic year, there is one concept that comes up frequently: collaboration.

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’37 almas en una’, female leadership born at ESADE

37 almas en una Eugenia Bieto2 1024x571 37 almas en una, female leadership born at ESADE

The collective essay 37 almas en una ['37 souls in one'] was presented last month at ESADE. Published by the Planeta Group, the essay analyses the key aspects of female leadership. I had the privilege of participating in this project by contributing a testimonial. The essay was written by 37 women executives who met at ESADE during the Promociona Project. Promoted by the Spanish Confederation of Employers’ Associations (CEOE) and the Women’s Institute for Equal Opportunities, the Promociona Project aims to foster the training, professional development, leadership and advancement of female executives.

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ESADEBAN, the best business angels network in Europe

After just six years, ESADEBAN has become a European benchmark in the world of capital investment in business ventures. The network has become one of the best examples of ESADE’s dedication to supporting entrepreneurship.

Screen Shot 2016 07 04 at 10.16.12 ESADEBAN, the best business angels network in Europe

ESADE BAN was born in ESADE Alumni – with all the support that being the investor network of our alumni association entails – with the involvement of the former Center for Entrepreneurship, now known as the ESADE Entrepreneurship Institute. Over the past few years, ESADE’s private investor network has grown exponentially. ESADE BAN has shown how initiatives can succeed by nurturing collaboration between our school and its alumni association. One example of this is the agility and efficiency with which ESADE BAN fulfils its mission of bringing together business angels and entrepreneurs.

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An exciting challenge

Elreto ESADE An exciting challengeDuring the recent Christmas holidays, I re-read an article by Professor Francisco Longo on the impact of globalisation and the digital revolution in schools and universities. For those dedicated to education and the management of its institutions, this article is a brilliant contribution to understanding the challenges we face today. We have a wonderful opportunity to help shape the educational experience of future generations of students.

I hope that education will soon reach everyone in every corner of the planet – regardless of the place or circumstances in which they were born. Technology and communication will be key elements. But the challenge goes further: our schools and universities must develop new models of learning for people facing important tasks.

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Ending The Year on a High Note

Ranking ESADE Financial Times 2015 BIG 300x206 Ending The Year on a High NoteJust as two thousand and fifteen draws to a close, ESADE has yet another reason to celebrate the festive season. The Financial Times has ranked us among the five best business schools in Europe. This is the fourth year in a row that the School has been in the FT´s Top 5 and that is something we can be justly proud of.

The accolade reflects the efforts the School has made at every level, given that the latest ranking takes into account the various programmes covered by the FT throughout 2015 and thus provides a broad overview of business schools.

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Excellent news to close the academic year

158 MSC post2 Excellent news to close the academic yearThis month, ESADE received an international honour that I am particularly thrilled about: our MBA was ranked among the top 10 programmes in the world for entrepreneurs by the prestigious Financial Times. Thanks to our steadfast support for entrepreneurs, ESADE was ranked #3 in Europe and was the only Spanish business school to make the global top 10.

This result is very important because it reflects the tireless efforts by many parts of our organisation to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit in our classrooms.

In making this recognition possible, a vital role was played by ESADE Alumni, which was ranked #3 worldwide in support for entrepreneurs (the measure of assistance provided by alumni networks in company formation). Similarly, facilities such as EGarage, an emblematic space designed for the cultivation of new start-ups, and ESADECREAPOLIS, an innovation ecosystem for students and companies, played key roles in making ESADE the #5 school in support provided for entrepreneurs (the measure of how much the schools support and promote the creation of new companies).

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Keep Going

keep going Keep GoingLast Friday, I attended one of ESADE’s most representative and moving ceremonies: the graduation of our BBA students. The ceremony, held at the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, was filled with the special aura that characterises our graduations.

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Universities as spaces of freedom

libertad4 Universities as spaces of freedomThe 9th century saw the birth of the first universities committed to the idea of academic freedom. Many centuries have passed since then. With great sorrow, I see that history often not only elevates the place of universities and their countless contributions to society but also stains it, condemnably, with blood and violence.

The recent massacre of 148 Catholic students at Kenya’s Garissa University College by a group of Islamic fundamentalists leaves one feeling absolutely dumbfounded and powerless. When I heard the news on 2nd April, I was moved to denounce this atrocity and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

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Music on the ESADE campuses

maria canals1 Music on the ESADE campusesThroughout the month of March, various pianos stationed at strategic locations in Barcelona and nearby towns have reminded us of a woman who played a key role in our country’s cultural history: Maria Canals. This music instructor and concert pianist was committed to educating society through music. She created one of the world’s most prestigious musical competitions: Barcelona’s Maria Canals International Music Competition.

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