Ending The Year on a High Note

Ranking ESADE Financial Times 2015 BIG 300x206 Ending The Year on a High NoteJust as two thousand and fifteen draws to a close, ESADE has yet another reason to celebrate the festive season. The Financial Times has ranked us among the five best business schools in Europe. This is the fourth year in a row that the School has been in the FT´s Top 5 and that is something we can be justly proud of.

The accolade reflects the efforts the School has made at every level, given that the latest ranking takes into account the various programmes covered by the FT throughout 2015 and thus provides a broad overview of business schools.

Among the rankings of individual programmes, there is ESADE´s Full-Time MBA. Its students are drawn from 38 nations and this year it was ranked 7th in Europe. There is also the Master of Finances programme. which is ranked second worldwide. In 2015, the School also won acclaim for its efforts in the innovation and entrepreneurship field, with the ESADE MBA programme being ranked among the World Top Ten for entrepreneurs.

The latest FT ranking pressages even greater achievements in 2016. The efforts made by the whole ESADE worldwide will help us to scale new heights in 2016 and I am delighted to share this news with you all.

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