ESADE and innovation in Latin America

ESADE’s founders were pioneers in the education of European business leaders, and their tireless spirit remains an integral part of our institution. We are a business school: entrepreneurship is in our genes.

esade latinoamerica innovacion1 ESADE and innovation in Latin AmericaAs a student and later as a faculty member, I have experienced ESADE’s commitment to creating spaces that allow innovation, economic growth and social debate to converge into change-generating ideas. Our current goal of strengthening ESADE’s presence in Latin America is therefore a natural path for us.

The most recent World Bank report on Latin America notes that the rapid economic growth of countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Peru and Colombia requires an innovative ecosystem. To quote the World Bank: “The region needs to establish an environment which enables entrepreneurs to emerge, compete and innovate.”

eugenia2 300x300 ESADE and innovation in Latin AmericaESADE has the tradition and the tools to become a powerful agent in generating business growth and, with it, jobs for highly skilled professionals in Latin America. We trust that our partners and the fantastic team representing ESADE in the region will guide us in pursuit of this goal. ESADE recently launched a new website with content tailored specifically to Latin America. But even more importantly, we have a proven track record – an entrepreneurial ‘certificate of origin’.

Doing honour to our change-generating roots, we closed 2013 by organising events such as Start Up Spain , the ESADE BAN Impact Investment Forum, and the announcement of a new edition of the Momentum momentum project ESADE and innovation in Latin AmericaProject, organised jointly with BBVA. In these efforts, a vital role has been played by faculty members such as Alfred Vernis and Javier Santiso: disruptive, agile thinkers who are eager to help transform societies. Like all of ESADE’s faculty members and researchers, they will grow even closer to the institutions and students of Latin America.

With inspiration, we can achieve swift, sustained business growth and job creation. We begin 2014 with this challenge – the same challenge that has driven us always.

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