ESADEBAN, the best business angels network in Europe

After just six years, ESADEBAN has become a European benchmark in the world of capital investment in business ventures. The network has become one of the best examples of ESADE’s dedication to supporting entrepreneurship.

Screen Shot 2016 07 04 at 10.16.12 ESADEBAN, the best business angels network in Europe

ESADE BAN was born in ESADE Alumni – with all the support that being the investor network of our alumni association entails – with the involvement of the former Center for Entrepreneurship, now known as the ESADE Entrepreneurship Institute. Over the past few years, ESADE’s private investor network has grown exponentially. ESADE BAN has shown how initiatives can succeed by nurturing collaboration between our school and its alumni association. One example of this is the agility and efficiency with which ESADE BAN fulfils its mission of bringing together business angels and entrepreneurs.

Thanks to the discreet but persistent work of the ESADE BAN team, led by Luisa Alemany and Fernando Zallo, this year the network has been named the Best Private Business Angels Network in Europe by the European Business Angels Network (EBAN). This award comes on the heels of the decision by the Spanish Business Angels Association (AEBAN) to name ESADE BAN Spain’s best business angels network in 2014.

ESADE BAN’s membership currently includes more than 240 private investors. So far in 2016, the network has channelled more than €2 million into rapidly expanding start-ups. Projects that have received funding through ESADE BAN include, Wallapop, Visualnet, RedPoints, Notegraphy, Signaturit, Wave and Talent Clue.

Two aspects that reflect ESADE BAN’s personality are its interest in social entrepreneurship (among other sectors, including technology, healthcare and industry) and its successful operation scheme: co-investment by multiple ESADE BAN business angels through the syndication of operations. What does this mean? A business angel specialised in a particular sector can advise the entire group on the basis of his or her experience.

The strong desire to support innovative ideas and to explore new avenues for innovation is a constant in ESADE BAN. This philosophy of work is transferable to any area of a business school. Congratulations, ESADE BAN: Today you are an example to many.

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