Five Years of ESADE Sant Cugat

campus4 Five Years of ESADE Sant CugatThe ancient Romans placed great importance on lustra. Five years was the time it took the Roman census to draw up an overview of the city in numbers. The act of looking back, sizing up achievements and thinking about the years ahead is especially important to us this quarter, as we commemorate the fifth anniversary of ESADE’s Sant Cugat campus.

The entire ESADE community can look back and feel proud of what Sant Cugat represents and what it has become. When the construction work next to the Borja Centre was completed in 2009, we began the tangible construction of the innovative, multicultural spirit that characterises the campus and our school in general.

Big ideas need room to flow and be debated. In Sant Cugat, ESADE built such a space, but our students, staff and faculty members are the ones who bring to life the campus’s spirit of internationalism, innovation and modernity every day.

campus21 Five Years of ESADE Sant CugatI think of ESADE Business School as an agile, living organ that welcomes change as the basis of development. When construction began in Sant Cugat, we could not imagine the disruptive ideas that would be generated at the EGarage, the academic ebullience that would be embraced by students in the MSc, MBA and BBA programmes, and the synergies that would be generated with companies in residence at ESADECREAPOLIS.

Today, at ESADE Sant Cugat, we are witnessing all of this and more. What if, like the Romans, we were to conduct a census? With students from 87 countries and more than 250 employees, we would see right away that the first lustrum of ESADE Sant Cugat has been incredibly positive. Now it’s time to start planning for the years ahead.

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