If I were unemployed

I was recently asked by a journalist what I would do if I were unemployed. That’s not an easy question to answer, especially in Spain, where the unemployment rate affects more than 20% of the active population. Here is what I told him.

If I were unemployed, I would ask for advice from my family and closest friends and would find out about the tools that could help me to track down the best opportunities.

I would ask for solidarity with the people that are unemployed and would be sensitive about the social consequences unemployment involves for families.

I would set myself a clear goal. Some people have found that the solution has been to pursue their unfulfilled dreams, while others have found that the way ahead was to become entrepreneurs and start up their own businesses. Clear goals are at the core of great achievements.

I would also try to use this period to pursue further academic training to enhance my career.

I would try to find people who are in a similar situation and develop our creativity to find a solution together.

If I were unemployed, the last thing I would do is try to play the hero and go through this period alone.

When someone spends months, or even years, out of work, it’s easy for them to feel down. If I were unemployed, I would try not to lose confidence in myself. I would try to find the right environment in which to regain trust in myself. And I’d try to remember that if I didn’t find a job, it doesn’t mean it’s my fault.

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