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keep going Keep GoingLast Friday, I attended one of ESADE’s most representative and moving ceremonies: the graduation of our BBA students. The ceremony, held at the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, was filled with the special aura that characterises our graduations.

It’s incredibly touching to see the excited faces of hundreds of young graduates who have shared dreams, fears and challenges on the way to their final triumph. I am certain that crossing the finish line on Friday will be the first in a long series of accomplishments for these alumni.

The keynote speech was delivered by ESADE alumna Maite Barrera (BBA & MBA ‘98), founder and partner at BlueCap Management Consulting. In her remarks, Maite drove home an important idea: success always involves an element of luck, and we must remember that “luck sticks to sweat”. Constant work and sacrifice bring rewards. One must be aware of this from a young age in order to take full advantage of – and, more importantly, to be able to identify – the opportunities that present themselves.

In an especially moving video shown at the ceremony, the students paid tribute to four classmates who had passed away. In their memory, the BBA class of 2015 created the “Keep Going” scholarship, which will allow a young person to study at ESADE thanks to their donations.

Facing the future with enthusiasm and strength was the message of Friday’s ceremony. On behalf of ESADE, and as an alumna myself, I encourage all of our graduates to keep finding their own paths to success. At ESADE, we’ll always be here to support them.

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