Music on the ESADE campuses

maria canals1 Music on the ESADE campusesThroughout the month of March, various pianos stationed at strategic locations in Barcelona and nearby towns have reminded us of a woman who played a key role in our country’s cultural history: Maria Canals. This music instructor and concert pianist was committed to educating society through music. She created one of the world’s most prestigious musical competitions: Barcelona’s Maria Canals International Music Competition.

Maria Canals is an example of how, through hard work and persistence, it is possible to achieve a dream conceived and developed over the course of many years: educating and selflessly uniting society through music.

This year marks the 61st edition of the Maria Canals International Music Competition. Since 2010, the competition has taken to the streets by stationing pianos all over the city for anyone to play. For the second year in a row, we were fortunate to have one such piano on our Sant Cugat campus, where ESADE’s students, faculty and staff were invited to sit down and fill the air with music. It was a tremendous gift for the music lovers among us, and we hope to repeat the experience many times in the coming years.


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