New management challenge

academy 150x143 New management challengeA few days ago I received an unexpected surprise. Professor Jan Oosterveld, Chancellor of the International Academy of Management, wrote to inform me that I had been elected as a new Fellow of the Academy for my ongoing contribution to the science of management.

I’m glad to be on board and look forward to the challenge—election to Fellowship is the highest honour conferred by the Academy.

Our mission as Fellows of the Academy is to contribute with our knowledge to the challenging task of advancing the science and art of management. I’m joining a board of over 100 Fellows, men and women who have made notable contributions to management. The Fellows represent top universities and business schools in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America. As part of this community, I hope to find great opportunities to create synergies and join forces to bring about new developments in the field of management.

The Academy is doing a remarkable job contributing to the advancement of management. I hope to be up to the challenge and able to serve a useful purpose in this organisation for years to come.

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