Ruralmind, showcasing our students’ entrepreneurial skills

ruralmind1 300x225 Ruralmind, showcasing our students’ entrepreneurial skills Once again, ESADE students’ entrepreneurial dexterity and drive are on display. This time, the ESADE BBA alumni Carles Royo and Clara Sellarès have given concrete form to their final-year project. Conceived in ESADE classrooms, Ruralmind is a rural tourism and adventure activities website that is swiftly emerging as a mountain tourism industry leader.

Starting a business is not easy. Getting a business idea off the ground requires hard work and perseverance. The attitude that would-be entrepreneurs bring to this challenge is vital to allowing them to achieve their goals.

Carles and Clara found a niche market and knew how to turn their vision of rural holidays into a tangible reality. Following an approach that is both global and in tune with the local market, Ruralmind’s defining values are quality and safety in the face of standardization.

Congratulations to Carles and Clara. I am both pleased and proud to hear stories like Ruralmind’s. Seeing how ESADE inspires its students, enhancing their value as both job creators and growth agents, is an undeniable sign that we are on the right track.

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