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The CLADEA network: necessary and more relevant than ever

eugenia1 300x207 The CLADEA network: necessary and more relevant than everIn early September ESADE’s Barcelona campus became a true reflection of today’s global, interconnected society as more than 500 people – professors, researchers, students and business leaders – gathered for the 49th CLADEA Annual Assembly from 3rd to 5th September.

For three intense days, ESADE’s auditoriums, classrooms, hallways and grounds became the nerve centre of Latin America’s largest business school network. It was an academic celebration of the exchange of trend-setting ideas and the collaborative launching of innovative educational initiatives.

Most importantly, however, this year’s assembly demonstrated that building bridges of collaboration between business schools is the only way to successfully fulfil our responsibility to train global leaders. Read the rest of this entry »

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Trip to Peru

peru13 Trip to PeruLast week I was in Lima, Peru, as part of the certification process for a business school. According to the recently published ESADE Economic Report, Peru is expected to be one of the fastest-growing South American countries in 2014.

During my trip, I met with Andrea Asencios, Director of ESADE in Peru. We talked about the need for top-notch training in Latin America, especially in emerging economies where natural resources are abundant and certain industries are not yet mature. We agreed that economic development – both in emerging and developed economies – must be accompanied by tools that make it possible to put knowledge at the service of society, as we always try to do here at ESADE.

In this photo, taken on the shores of the Pacific, Andrea and I are joined by Bea Escriña, Head of International Communication at ESADE.

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