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Dear Professor Massons

Picture 121 Dear Professor MassonsHearing that the Associació Catalana de Comptabilitat i Direcció presented you with the award for academic excellence on Thursday was great news. This prestigious award comes in recognition of your valuable contribution to the world of finance and adds to the award received by Josep Angrill eleven years ago, also for his academic success at ESADE.

I will never forget the time I had the opportunity of being a student of yours. I think every one of the students you have taught would nominate you for this award. Many of your former students remember you as the professor who made it easy for us to make our way into the world of finance. And we did it in a fun and entertaining way, with highly innovative methods, in which you mixed the rigour of finance with your passion for mountaineering. Read the rest of this entry »

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New MBA Programme facilities

To cope with the world’s challenges, future leaders must have technical, analytical and interpersonal skills, but also characteristics of leadership and responsibility.

These inspiring words were some of the key messages that former Belgian Prime Minister, Yves Leterme, recently conveyed to our students during the official inauguration of ESADE’s MBA facilities.

mba facilities1 300x201 New MBA Programme facilitiesThe new MBA classrooms on our Sant Cugat Campus are filled with life and diversity. The first graduating class to enjoy these facilities is highly multicultural – 92% of students are from over 50 countries around the world. Read the rest of this entry »

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A noteworthy example of thesis work

award url 300x204 A noteworthy example of thesis workWriting an original thesis is always hard work, as it marks the culmination of thousands of hours of training and research. Writing it in a way that really stands out from the rest and becomes a significant contribution in the field is an even harder task. One of our students from the PhD in Management Sciences Programme, Ricardo Malagueño (pictured second from right), has been among the five awardees to receive Ramon Llull University’s Extraordinary Doctorate Award. The prize is given every year to students who have excelled in their thesis and demonstrated their ability to conduct independent, original and significant research.

Ricardo’s thesis examines how top management’s use of accounting practices contributes to improving organisational performance in organisations. His research suggests that companies facing high levels of environmental dynamism will fail to profit from the use of accounting tools. It also demonstrates how different management styles in accounting can bring higher levels of creativity and innovation. Ricardo’s findings make for a significant contribution to the field of management sciences.

These types of awards are necessary, and show Ramon Llull University’s commitment to research excellence. Research should always be a priority in higher education, regardless of the economic environment. Investing in research is crucial, not only to contribute to a country’s economic growth, but also to staying competitive and tackling the ‘big questions’ to improve the future of society. We wish Ricardo all the best in his future research endeavours and hope that his contribution will be one of many more to come.

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New Milestone for our ESADE MBA Students

ESADE casebook picture 1 300x199 New Milestone for our ESADE MBA StudentsTrying to solve a real business case in 20 minutes during a hiring process is not an easy task. The group of ESADE MBA students pictured in the photo is holding their most recent milestone: an innovative new casebook to help MBA students improve their analytical thinking abilities and master the dos and don’ts of case interviews. The book is a joint initiative between our ESADE MBA Consulting Club and the Boston Consulting Group.

The casebook offers solid insight into the case interview process through 20 original cases compiled by the Consulting Club board of the 2012 graduating class and by MBA alumni now working in consulting. This casebook stands apart from those published by other business schools for its innovative, user-centric design and structure, both purposely aimed at maximising the case practice experience.

foto2 300x199 New Milestone for our ESADE MBA StudentsThe ESADE MBA Consulting Club’s main goal is to promote educational activities and consultancy events for our ESADE MBA community. It’s inspiring to see how our MBA students promote initiatives that contribute to offering solid grounding in quantitative and analytical skills for candidates interested in pursuing a career in consulting. Congratulations to all the MBA students involved in this initiative. There will undoubtedly be many more milestones to come.

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A Compulsory Appointment for Alumni

6940702333 3642f2f8ac b1 300x200 A Compulsory Appointment for AlumniOn the 23rd February we held the ESADE Alumni Annual Conference at Barcelona’s Fórum Auditorium. This year’s ESADE Awards were awarded to Mikael Ohlsson, CEO of IKEA, and Pablo Isla, CEO of Inditex, for the business successes achieved in heading their two organisations. During the conference, Javier Santiso, Director of ESADEgeo, gave a lecture on the opportunities of the new world map.

More than 3,000 people attended the event and we filled the Auditorium. Being an ESADE alumni, the ESADE Alumni Annual Conference is a must, an event that none of us can miss. To be one of thousands of people, who all share a close bond with ESADE, and who all gather under one roof, is an intense experience.

The professional achievements of the executives and entrepreneurs who meet at the Annual Conference are irrefutable proof of ESADE’s contribution to our country’s future. To belong to the ESADE community, either as students, faculty or alumni, is something to be proud of, but at the same time it obliges us to honour our values: personal integrity, professional rigour and social responsibility.

- Download the speech given at the ESADE Alumni Annual Conference (PDF)

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25 Years Training Professionals in Healthcare Management

grupo1 300x200 25 Years Training Professionals in Healthcare Managementgrupo2 300x189 25 Years Training Professionals in Healthcare ManagementThis scanned photograph from the year 1986 shows the first group of students to study the Hospital Management Programme at ESADE. A short time ago, I had the opportunity to reminisce about old times and have a photograph taken with them at an event organised by ESADE Alumni to commemorate their 25th class anniversary. It was a very moving reunion. Since leaving the classroom twenty-five years ago, the professionals who attended the reunion have, over the years, maintained strong links with ESADE, and today they hold high-ranking positions in Spanish healthcare.

In the last 25 years, healthcare management in Spain has undergone some enormous changes. Indeed, 25 to 30 years ago, healthcare management barely existed in this country; public administration was just beginning to find its feet. This group of students has seen, experienced and participated in many of the extraordinary changes that have occurred, and today, at the height of their activity, they play a key role in finding the solutions required by this sector, one that is so important for people. The experience amassed in this sector by the 30 alumni who were present at this enjoyable reunion has been acquired from positions of responsibility and management posts in a very wide variety of fields within the sector, including public hospitals, health insurance companies, private hospitals, public and private healthcare centres, regulatory bodies, pharmaceutical and medical product companies, the emerging public and private socio-sanitary field, teaching and research, and consultancy in Spain and abroad.

Some years ago, many business schools had healthcare management programmes. The only programme that has never been interrupted and which can claim more than one thousand alumni —who form a community of their own in the ESADE Alumni Health and Pharma Club— is the Hospital Management Programme, currently known as the Integrated Healthcare Services Management Programme (DSIS) and directed by Professor Manel Peiró.

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The Importance of Rewarding Talent

entrega becas eb 300x224 The Importance of Rewarding TalentLast Thursday, I went to the Sant Cugat campus to take part in one of ESADE’s most important institutional events: the 2011-2012 Scholarship Awards Ceremony . During the ceremony, we officially awarded scholarships for Degree and Undergraduate programmes to students of proven talent and academic excellence. The young people beginning academic life at ESADE this year thanks to the Scholarship Programme are pursuing a dream. The aspiration of some is  to continue their family business; of others, to create global companies, to become outstanding lawyers, or give impetus to social projects that will help to improve the planet. Although they may have different professional objectives, the students who have been awarded a scholarship this year share a common vision: their time at ESADE will serve as a platform from which they will be able to advance towards their professional objectives.

ESADE is very committed to the Scholarship Programme, because we believe that talent and excellence should never be hindered by economic factors. Last year, we allocated 1.7 million euros to scholarships for 300 students in degree, MSc, MBA and PhD programmes. Of this sum, more than half a million euros came from donations made by companies, institutions and private individuals. This year, thanks to the joint efforts of ESADE’s Corporate Relations & Fundraising Service and to donors, we have doubled the scholarship fund for degrees. Our objective for the next four years is that more than 30% of ESADE students are able to benefit from a scholarship.

Providing access to education is an obligation that we have to society, because we firmly believe in equal opportunity. Because the best way to create a fair and prosperous society is to make quality education available to people with talent, regardless of their socio-economic status. Because social diversity in the classroom is beneficial. Because we are committed to opening our doors to overseas students where, without a scholarship, their economic conditionswould prevent them from coming to Spain,. Because we want our institution to represent and adapt to the real world and to the needs of society. And because we want ESADE to become a world benchmark for responsible entrepreneurial talent.

The 211 students who have received a scholarship this year will have an important opportunity to contribute, with their ideas and efforts, to improving the economic future of our country. Here at ESADE, we would like to encourage them to fight for their dreams, to hold true to their entrepreneurial beliefs, not to lose hope in times of adversity, and to persevere, so that they may fulfil their entrepreneurial dreams once they leave the classroom.

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