Why predicting climate change can be good for business

Foto 300x225 Why predicting climate change can be good for businessA few days ago, I received an email from the founder of Fahrenheit Risk International, Sergi Corbatera. He had attended my Entrepreneurship classes two years ago, and went on to found the company after graduating from ESADE (Lic&MDE, 2011). His business idea is interesting. The company offers tools for businesses to manage the financial risks derived from climate change.

Apparently, climate change can have an impact on businesses, and more than one would think. Around 80% of the world’s global economic activity depends on the weather, which means that any sector of the economy can be affected by climate change, in one way or another. Sergi’s idea is interesting for many businesses, and it covers a market niche in Europe. The company is growing quickly, and it has recently signed an alliance with Weather Trends International to offer European companies a system to forecast the weather a year in advance with 80% accuracy.

Sergi is a good example of an entrepreneur who embraces innovation. We wish him every success in his future endeavours.

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