Why the world needs more green entrepreneurs


If we don’t try to make the world more sustainable, the damaging consequences of destroying the Earth’s natural resources may, one day, reach the point of no return.

A group of experts from the American Meteorological Society recently claimed that global warming has, in fact, become irreversible.

I’m sure this reflection has detractors and promoters, but independently of our personal beliefs, something that is pretty much undeniable is that we need to take better care of our planet.

That’s why green entrepreneurs – like the one in the photo – are so important for the world. Carlos Sotelo co-founded Scutum, a clean-energy start-up based in Barcelona that manufactures electric motorbikes to reduce pollution. He came to ESADE a few days ago to present his business idea to our network of business angels, ESADE BAN.

ForoCleantech Proyecto1 1024x682 Why the world needs more green entrepreneurs

Carlos and ten other green entrepreneurs managed to obtain over 4 million euros in funding from this business angels network promoted by ESADE Alumni. One way or another, the projects are aimed at reducing energy costs and achieving environmental efficiency.

Green entrepreneurs are a special breed. They turn their passion and inspiration into actions that can change the world.  They care about doing something meaningful that goes beyond profitability, something that involves sustainability and humanity.

It’s great to see business angels and entrepreneurs joining efforts to contribute to responsible actions that, one day, may make this world a more sustainable place for the children who will inherit it after we are gone.

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