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I recently attended the ESADE Alumni UK Chapter at the Spanish Embassy in London. Over a hundred alumni who are living and working in the city joined us for the occasion. It was a great experience and one that brought unexpected surprises. Among these were Victor and Alba, who are what I call talent in its pure essence.

I think what impressed me the most about them was their energy and clear mindset at such a young age – they stood out from the rest as being the youngest.

They both finished their studies at ESADE in June last year. Victor is working for a start-up in London. He told me he was really happy because he had just accepted a job offer from a promising tech start-up that will allow him to come back to Spain very soon.

Victor is a good example of someone who cares about social responsibility. While at ESADE, he joined the SUD Programme to help improve people’s lives in developing countries. Victor also has a great passion for entrepreneurship and his work life is completely start-up driven.

What I liked about Alba was her vitality. She is only 23 and already has very clear principles and a sharp mindset. Alba is also working in London, for a leading investment banking corporation. She told me she would like to come back to ESADE one day to take part in the SUD Programme because she wants to use her expertise and contribute towards easing social problems.

Both social responsibility and entrepreneurship are two of our main core values at ESADE Business and Law Schools. It’s great to see young and talented people like Victor and Alba embracing these values so enthusiastically.

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